Paul and Women: Co-Workers

In this two part lesson we’re explaining why we believe that leadership roles should be gift based and not gender based. This is a workshop Steve and I taught on Paul and the women who did ministry with him. He commended some women for their hard work, for the courage to risk their lives, and another who had even been in prison with him. Some women he had worked along side “contending for the cause of the gospel” and they gave him “great joy because of their partnership with him in the gospel”. Others he depended on in ministry and entrusted with extremely important ministry tasks. We took a look at Priscilla, Lydia, Junia, Syntche and Euodia, and of course Phoebe!

The study of Romans 16 and Phoebe is especially inspiring to me! The two words that Paul uses to describe her teach us a lot. Paul encourages many people in Romans 16 and one third of them are women. Undoubtably, there were many more men in leadership than women at that time in history but it is truly impressive for there to be as many women named as there are. This paints quite a picture of Paul’s attitude about women using their talents to lead and what is possible in God’s church!

We divided this workshop into two parts for easier listening. (The lessons from Phoebe are addressed in part 2.) I hope this helps. And please let us know if you have any questions.