Submission is the Christian way of relating. And mutual submission is vital to our relationships. 

I always thought these household codes were God’s unique plan for organizing families as Christians. That’s not true. Household codes were a commonly used concept to advise men that were legally in charge (patriarch’s) how to rule their wives, children and slaves. Paul used a form of this method to draw attention to how radically different Jesus‘ way was from the world’s way. 

I believe Paul is teaching all the people in the Ephesian church how to submit in their interpersonal relationships and not reinforcing social structures of the times. 

Steve and I have taught this material several times together and separately over the past few years and yet this class of mine is the only recording that’s available for me to post. I tell you this because I love the classes we do together especially on this topic. So at some point I hope I’m able to share one of those as well. We are still planning to re-record these. 
I’m so grateful for your prayers.