Mutuality is a Bible-based conviction that further transforms the church into the image of Christ. After years of serving in the ministry, my ambition is to foster a discussion that will tear down barriers that divide us; barriers that already serve as unnecessary obstacles to thousands if not millions of people who need to know Jesus. This is vitally important, not just for women or for singles or marrieds, but for every disciple passionate about bringing the love of Jesus to the world. Partnership without hierarchy creates strength. The incredible potential of a community of believers, unconstrained by scriptural misunderstandings, has unlimited power.

This website is a place where I’ll share a different perspective from the long-held patriarchal view our fellowship has taught. I’ll also explain what happened that made this subject something I couldn’t ignore. I’ll tell you why I changed my mind from what I’ve taught for decades (sharing with you the painful and often times scary process that got me here) and clearly explain why I believe what I now believe. Here I’ll share the lessons that Steve and I have been teaching publicly, as well as provide explanations regarding scriptures we’re convinced we’ve sadly misused. And for those of you that desire to dig deep, my goal is to help you engage with other resources that I have found reliable and illuminating.

I want to paint a picture of what unimpeded mutuality can look like in the church today. I’m going to share why I believe that—like discipleship, baptism, and so many other Christian principles we’ve worked a lifetime to restore—understanding true, biblical mutuality could propel our fellowship into an even more fruitful future than we might imagine. My dream is that these teachings, and the book I’m writing, will draw us nearer to the kind of church God has always intended for us to be.